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Handbalancing is a discipline of control and absolute precision. Mastering the basics guarantees an increase in proprioception that will make it much easier to perform any type of movement.
After a suitable guided warm-up, the lessons will focus on line exercises and physical preparation aimed to handbalance, basic handbalancing techniques for everyone (ways to go up and body dissociation exercises) and at the same time specific advice and guidance for those with special requests (figures, more complex ways to go up or exercises for the one-arm handstand). It will end with specific collective stretching.

These lessons aim to give students a widest view as possible of what the concept of handbalancing is, through the study of this discipline from different points of view. The goal we set ourselves is to adapt our knowledge to the features of each participant, providing advice and tools to start or continue their journey independently.


Kids and teens

In this type of workshop we focus more on the
playful side of circus, trying as well to convey
its most important values.
Teamwork, contact, support and sharing are some
of the pillars of this world, but also good skills
that can help anyone in their everyday life!

Participants will be guided from game to game to experience a taste of all the circus world: acrobatics, handstand, group acrobatics, juggling and more.
The aim of the workshop is to spend some time playing while also learning essential values and new skills!



If it's true that sharing is the basis of our way of seeing the circus,
teaching can only bean integral part of our journey.

In this field we both have years of experience behind us, motivated by the pleasure of passing on our skills to potential future artists as well as people who are just curious to discover something new with their bodies.

To this date we offer one or two days handbalancing workshops for adults, circus workshops for children and teenagers, and private lessons on request of the other disciplines we practice.

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